The name Marcia Yockey is iconic in the Tristate. She was a pioneer in media for both men and women. According to her Wikipedia page,

Marcia Yockey (November 6, 1922—2000) was an American meteorologist who was best known for her 35-year on-air career in Evansville, Indiana. She made her television debut on WFIE Channel 14 in 1953, after 10 years of working for the U.S. Weather Bureau (1943–1953).


She kept it real. Her God-given ability to get her weather viewers to connect with her was brilliant and something that can't be taught. With Marcia, you got what you got, and you liked it! Without her paving the way, it might be more difficult to do radio the way I do it. Real, humble, caring and funny! THAT was Marcia. THAT is me.

We should ALL be more like Marcia. She loved people and she loved herself. Did you get what I said? She loved herself. Marcia walked into situations like she owned the place. More times than not, she made fun of herself and had fun making others happy. Her confidence is an empowering lesson for all women.

She had a 4th of July tradition that was amazing! She didn't care if anybody saw her in her swimsuit. Marcia was LIVE at a local pool or lake doing the weather in the proper attire. I so love this!

Here is a just one of her many weather forecasts, LIVE on location, thanks to our buddy, Jeff Lyons from 14 News. :-)


Here she is broadcasting LIVE from jail!

Great tribute to a local icon.

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