I thought Christmas in July, was just a catchy name for sales stores had, I didn't know that some stores actually BEGAN their Christmas in July! 

My friend Angela posted this photo on Facebook today, and I couldn't unsee it. It's a display of several Santa Claus' all stacked high, and ready to begin the holiday season! The only issue is...it's July!

Photo: Angela Kirkwood
Photo: Angela Kirkwood

While out shopping today Angela spotted this display at Hobby Lobby! Now she and I both find it really funny that they are so quick to get their Christmas stuff up (and lets be honest, Hobby Lobby has a MASSIVE selection around Christmas time, so it's no shock they'd get a jump on the competition haha)!

I personally have a strict "no Christmas before we Halloween" policy in my house, but hey if the Christmas spirit is something you want to keep going year round, more power to ya (and hey I know a place you can get a head start on you Christmas celebrations, check Hobby Lobby)!

And while I don't want to stress you out just yet, there's only 152 days until Christmas! Which means about 21 weeks, which if you get paid bi-weekly means there's only roughly 10.5 paychecks between now and Christmas! Happy holidays (all of them)!


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