We have all heard conspiracy theories throughout the years. Some are wildly outlandish, while others leave you thinking that they could be true. In any event, these have been named the number one conspiracy theories in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Conspiracy theories have been around for several years. Things like UFOs, Big Foot, the moon landing, and Area 51 are some of the more popular ones that we hear about. Whether you believe the conspiracy theory or not, they make for some pretty interesting and entertaining conversations. Recently, the website, USDirect.com listed the most searched conspiracy theories by state. Do you think you can guess the ones for the Tri-State area?

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How did the website come to find its answers? According to USDirect.com

USDirect set out on a serious mission to uncover which conspiracy theories keep a hefty number of each state’s citizens up at night. We combed through the mothership of all intrigue databases, Reddit, for each state’s most-searched conspiracy theories and ended up with 9 mind-boggling topics.

Now, let's dive into what was named the most popular conspiracy theories in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Most Popular Conspiracy Theory in Illinois

This conspiracy theory is one that has been seen in a few movies and TV shows, such as The X Files and Escape From New York. However, it's one that I don't know a whole lot about. The most popular conspiracy theory in Illinois is Black Helicopters. USDirect.com says:

Though many dismiss this theory as military or government training exercises, a surprising number of people since the 1970s have reported sightings of unmarked black helicopters in association with UFO sightings, crop circles, men in black, and alien abductions. Others believe the helicopters point to a possible military takeover of the United States. Not so coincidentally, black helicopters have also been linked with the New World Order, with many theorists conjecturing that the aircraft are used to spy on citizens across the world in order to gather information on dissenters of the Order. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of these theories?

The Most Popular Conspiracy Theory in Indiana and Kentucky

Indiana and Kentucky both share the same most popular conspiracy theory...The New World Order. Now, as a wrestling fan, when I hear New World Order, I think about this:

However, in the world of conspiracy theories, the New World Order is one of the more popular and intriguing topics. According to USDirect.com:

By far one of the most notorious, complicated, and multifaceted theories of our day, proponents of the most-searched conspiracy believe that a militaristic, totalitarian government called the New World Order hovers just beyond the edge of the world’s notice, waiting patiently to seize international control. This theory often links the New World Order with Freemasons, Illuminati, the United Nations, the Bible’s Book of Revelations, and…the Denver Airport as a possible HQ? Any way you spin it (and there are lots of ways to spin it), let’s hope that this less-than-appealing Big Brother continues to stay away for the foreseeable future.

You can click here to check out what the most popular conspiracy theory was in each state. However, if you want to dig into another not-so-talked-about conspiracy theory that I find pretty fascinating, check out the one about Paul McCartney from the Beatles:

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