There is just something about going for walks in the fall. Whether it's the fresh air, the fall colors, or just getting out and enjoying the weather, it really is something I highly recommended everyone get out and do this fall.

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Illinois has some fantastic hiking trails and these are the best of the best when it comes to fall hiking. Remember, if you are looking into any of these trails go on their website to get the latest COVID information.

Dixon Springs State Park

Known for its breathtaking waterfalls and canyons, this state park is one of several parks in the Illinois Shawnee Hills area. One fun fact about this park, it has the tallest trees in Illinois, and some are considered to be century-old trees. Make sure you put this on the fall walking tour list, it's for sure a must-see.

Kankakee River State Park

So much history and heritage can be found at this state park which is known for having hiking trails with views of canyons, beautiful foliage, and a waterfall. The land was first used by the Native Americans, then traders and farmers, and now if just a place for visitors to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Matthiessen State Park

Expect to see rock formations throughout the park; if you love geology this park is for you. This Park has five miles of hiking trails just waiting for you to try out, and while on a hike take in the colors of the massive trees, and animals throughout the park, and of course get in plenty of exercise.

Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

This forest has over 740 native plants found throughout the many trails in the park. It's almost 2,5000 acres with 11 miles of grass and limestone trails to explore. Since 2014, many of the trails have been cleared with weeds and dead trees in order for new plants to grow and thrive.

Pere Marquette State Park

This Park has everything you will need for a fall hike, including a bike trail and the best views of the Illinois River. Here's your chance to take a walk (or ride) on 12 miles of trails perfect for beginners or a pro. There's a fall color drive and if you love watching Bald Eagles, this park is a great place for viewing the birds along the river.

One of the best local places for me to walk and enjoy the fall colors is just walking on Maine Street. Every time it seems that I walk down the street the colors are ever-changing. Wherever you pick to take a fall hike, take advantage of the fall weather coming our way. And I don't know about you, but I can't wait for it!

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