I know, as soon as I read this I thought "here's my 2 weeks boss, I'm off to petting dogs for a living bye."  


In the worlds most perfect job ever, you can earn up to $50/hour PETTING PETS! If that were the case with your own pets, with the amount of hours I've spent petting Wrigley and George, I'd be a millionaire! haha!

The job?  A pet massage therapist.  I know, what??  Well it turns out, a pet massage therapist IS A REAL THING! In fact, there’s a National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage.The make sure the proper guidelines are followed in training pet massage therapist.

According to this article (that you can read by clicking here!), there are many health benefits to your pet by getting them massaged. And this isn't just for dogs, cats could use massages too.

You know their lives are so stressful, being pet whenever they want, taking up your side of the bed, eating all of your food, and chasing squirrels and birds. They really have it rough. ;)

But for real, when you tell someone you're a pet massage therapist, they might look at you like you have two heads, but honestly, you're the one making a living petting animals all day, so who is the real winner here?

Think being a pet massage therapist sounds like it's right up your alley?  Get more info, here! 

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