A new Kickstarter campaign has quickly taken off quickly for a product that sounds unreal. ACED Design, has come up with a new men's clothing line called RompHim. What is RompHim? They are rompers...for men!

Seriously, this is a thing...


We'll miss the @heineken beer tents at #stagecoach, but not mad about the increased beer mobility.

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You have seen women wear rompers, and know of their struggles. I don't want to go to a public bathroom and stand there naked because it's all one piece. Luckily, they have thought of that concern and created a zipper. Still, there is one other thing about these that is a little standoffish to me...they are extremely short! I feel like my boxers hang lower than the shorts on these do! If you make them long pants, I would possibly consider buying some...then you are just wearing overalls essentially.


Nonetheless, the product is getting a lot of traction. You can check out all of their features and get in on the action. I should clarify that this is still a Kickstarter campaign, so they aren't on the market yet, but they have far exceeded their goal already. According to ACED:

We wanted to offer our first run in a limited number of styles to make sure we weren’t the only ones who loved the idea of RompHims. The response has been overwhelming- which is why once our Kickstarter closes and this round of product is made and shipped, we’ll be debuting new colors, prints, and fabrics via our website.




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