S*#T! There goes another title that Indiana and Kentucky lose out on. According to a new survey, people swear more in Ohio than any other state in the Union, followed by Maryland and New Jersey...well there's a f@!#ing surprise - what no New York? By contrast, the state with the fewest people who swear and the most goody two-shoes is Washington. Marchex, a customer research firm conducted the study and put together a report of how often people swear in all 50 states in recorded phone calls to businesses over the past 12 months.

On these calls, people in Ohio were most likely to curse followed by Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois.

Finishing just below Washington in the polite, non-swearing states were Massachusetts, Arizona, Virginia and Texas...WTF, Texas...really! I have been to Texas and some of those people would make a sailor blush with shame and that's just the women!

According to the study, two out of every three uttered swear words came from men and people in the morning hours were twice as likely to swear than in the afternoon or evening hours, which is really no surprise. There is just something about that alarm clock going off that doesn't put most people in the best frame of mind. My wife, Lisa is a great example of this.

They also studied which states were most likely to say 'please' and 'thank you' and South Carolina topped that list followed by North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana and Georgia in that order.

Hoosiers, fear not because we did make top three on one list...the "Least Courteous" states! Number one Least courteous state is Wisconsin followed by Massachusetts, Indiana...yay!!!!, Tennessee and Ohio in that order.

So, there you have it and who says these kind of studies aren't meaningful? Personally, I think it's a bunch of bull...t and you're not welcome!!

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