Before the building upgrade at our sister station WBKR, there was a small TV in the studio. Every day, my buddy Dave Spencer would turn it on to Jeopardy and would play along in between talk breaks. If you are playing Trivial Pursuit, and have the opportunity to be Dave's partner, you should jump at the chance.

A couple of years ago, he wrote an article about the times Owensboro, KY was mentioned on Jeopardy. So, when I saw this pop up on my Facebook news feed, I automatically thought about Spence.

It's always cool when your town is mentioned on national TV - and one of the coolest things is when it's a Jeopardy answer. Last week, Evansville, Louisville, and Jeffersonville were the "answer" and the topic was "rivers."

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According to The Jeopardy Fan, Troy Meyer,a music executive from Tampa, Florida was the contestant to correctly guess the answer - or I mean the question.

But here were some stellar guesses from the Facebook group where I initially saw this image:

Dan FieldWhat are three cities that center point is going to own ?

James Bower: Which cities have the most lawyer commercials?

Brandon NelsonWhat city has the most banks, car washes? I can only assume that was the question

Lorraine MathewsName three cities where the Ohio Valley pollen count can kill you.

Andrew M. DevillezWhere are the worst drivers ?

Don Noble: What is a long detour to avoid a round trip toll?

 Marcus Cain3 inland shipyards that helped the war effort?

Dennis WoodThe question is, “What are three Ohio River cities that are oppressively humid in the summer.”

Jennifer VioletteWhat are the 3 cities in the Ohio Valley where you will be met with an untimely death due to allergies?

Ahh, all great guesses but remember, the topic was "Rivers." Let's just take a look...


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Google Maps

Yep folks, you guessed it. All three cities sit on the Ohio. And yes, Lousiville dumps their waste into the Ohio and we drink it downstream! Neat, huh?!

In fact, did you know that the Ohio River is the United States' most polluted river? According to Heather Sprouse, Ohio River Coordinator, West Virginia Rivers Coalition via, “Unlike the Great Lakes, Puget Sound, and the Everglades, the Ohio River is not designated as a federally protected water system. With federal designation, the door is opened to critical funding for restoration. Public health protections, including investments in ecosystem restoration and technical upgrades for water monitoring systems, are required to safeguard the drinking water of the over 5 million people who depend on the watershed for their primary drinking water source.”

I know, gross, huh? Robby Gray summed it up perfectly when he commented, "I'll take "Why don't Owensboro residents swim in the Ohio River?", for $2,000, Alex".

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