Regardless of what everyone thinks about the new stadium, there is always something to be said about something new. It's a given that everyone likes at least some new and shiny things. There are numerous Evansville natives who have laundry list of bad things about the new stadium, however, for our purposes today, let's talk about a few good things.


Roberts Stadium, let's face it, it's getting up there in years. To riff on a Toby Keith song, "it's just not as good as it once was." Everything inside and out is starting to show a lot of wear and frankly looks a little old. The new stadium, judging from the designs, it will look modern and chic. Best of all, it will freshen the downtown's look.


Entertainment acts may have overlooked Evansville in the past since the city's main venue may not have been able to stage a show. The new stadium will be more modern and therefore be designed to allow a wider range of shows to stage productions in Evansville.

The Future

Regardless of what everyone thinks, there is still a lot to learn from the new stadium. The Tri-State will have growing pains nonetheless and will just have to grow into it's many uses. I think we'll start to see a bigger range of acts and different types of performances take place in Evansville within the next few years. It'd be great to see some great new acts come through Evansville that may have overlooked the city because of the venues available. Whether you are for or it or against it, the new arena will be constructed soon and hopefully we'll start seeing some great new acts come to town.

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