The economy and rise in crime across the country and state is affecting a lot of people. So, if you're looking to move to more affordable and safer places in Indiana, here's where to go.

It's not a secret that the cost of living is high, and going up. Inflation has caused so much to be more expensive than it has ever been in the past. It makes it hard to pay your bills, buy groceries, and fill up your gas tank when everything is getting more pricey, but your paycheck remains the same. On top of that, we see so much on the news about crime, and the increasing amounts of criminal activity across the state. Families might start to consider settling down in an area where they will have the best chance to not be so tight on money, and where they feel safe.

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The Cheapest and Safest Places to Live in Indiana

Stuck in the Kernfield, a popular YouTube channel that does a lot of research on states and communities within them, posted a video last year of the cheapest and safest places to live in Indiana.


Here's the description of the video:

Inflation got you down? Maybe you're thinking about finding a cheaper way of life. If so, maybe you're considering Indiana. It's one of the most affordable states in the nation. It has a little bit of everything, too. Major city? Check. Suburbs? Check. Farmland and small towns? Check. The Hoosier State has a low cost of living, compared to many other places, especially when compared to the coastal states. The state also has cities and towns where there's very little crime. So, if you're looking for a new place to call home, where you don't have to worry about being robbed, and you can afford to buy a home and save some of what you make, watch this video for my eight recommendations.

According to Stuck in the Kernfield, these are the eight cheapest and safest places to live in Indiana:

8. Kendallville

7. Tipton

6. Daleville

5. Bluffton

4. Frankfort

3. Huntington

2. Portland

1. Hartford City

You can learn more and see what makes these places the most affordable and safest in the state of Indiana below.

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Outside the major cities, the Hoosier state is full of tiny little towns you've probably passed through on your way to one of those cities. Most of them are likely 100 to 150 years old, or older, and have been around far longer than the large metropolitan areas such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Evansville. Typically, they were started by early settlers who found their way to the state and decided to make it home. Eventually, others would join them, and a community was formed. Over time, as the surrounding areas grew, most of them were folded into those areas and governed by the nearest city or county's governing body officially making them "unincorporated," meaning they did not have their own formally organized municipal government.

A scroll through Wikipedia's long list of unincorporated communities in Indiana shows several of them have names that by today's standards would be considered weird, quirky, or just downright right funny. These are my 40 favorities.

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