It’s National Hug Your Cat Day
HAPPY HUG YOUR CAT DAY!!! As you know, until very recently, I was ANTI cat! Then, one morning, Sydney, from the VHS, brought a small, dark chocolate brown, green eyed kitten to the studio in hopes that SOMEONE would adopt her.
Jake Owen Gets Married
As I reported yesterday and today, it sure was an eventful weekend for Jake Owen, let's recap, shall we!!!...... An arrest outside of a hometown bar on Cinco de Mayo, drunk Tweeting about the cops, an apology and to topped things off, Monday morning he got married!!!!! …
Online Dating Sites – Worth The Money?
Sites like and eHarmony make big promises of finding a lifetime of love with your soulmate without having to leave your house. As I've talked about on the air, I met my husband Quenton on However, a new study, found that NOT having to put make-up on or even get dressed might be …
Apple Wants To Help You Avoid Your Psycho Exes
We can’t really blame them for not wanting to let us go. Or, for being addicted our total awesomeness.  But, when your ex just keeps calling and calling and texting and texting, begging you to take them back and  firm requests to stop harassing you, nor …
Jake Owen Gives Fiancee ‘Timeless’ Engagement Ring
Last week, I reprted that Jake Owen was off the market! Jake Owen proposed to Lacey Buchanan spontaneously at a show in Vero Beach, Fla., but something was missing.....the ring. That's because Jake made a spur-of-the-moment decision to ask Lacey in front of his hometown…
Jake Owen Gets Engaged [VIDEO]
Singles ladies everywhere are crying this morning!! Why???? Over the weekend, Jake Owen popped the question to girlfriend Lacey Buchanan during a concert in his hometown of Vero Beach, Florida.
Men Speak Differently To Fertile Women
Even the most smooth talking men will likely tell you they’ve been tongue-tied around women at some point in their lives. Now, a new study says that when men interact with a woman who’s ovulating, they change their speech patterns.

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