Today is Mother's Day and mothers all over the country are receiving gifts. But for most mothers, like me, it's not about the gifts or cards we get but the memories our children have given to us over the years. Some of my most precious memories involve music.

With every one of my three children, I would read to them, act crazy and silly with them and make up songs for them. This one I sang to my daughter...

'I love you REGHAN, oh yes I do...I love you REGHAN, oh how bout you, I love you REGHAN, you silly goose...goose...goose. I love you REGHAN, Oh yes I really, really do do do!"


She would smile at me with her huge brown eyes and as she got older, she would laugh and run away, wanting me to chase her, which of course, I did. :-)

I still find it hard to believe that God would trust ME, with all my weaknesses and mistakes, to care for these precious souls. Being their mother is a job I was in NO WAY prepared for, but the best job I have have ever had with daily rewards that are utterly priceless. Their father and I proved, with all three of them, the mathematical formula that two negatives make a positive.

Reghan (21, my artistic, practical, crazy driver lol, analytical, genius, beautiful, talented, feisty, lefty, Oscar capable actress),

















Mason (17, my sweet, generous, gentle, soft spoken, incredibly handsome, forgiving, athletic, Hercules strong, hero, amazing artist)






Hayden (10, my hilarious, smart, athletic phenom, fast running, perfect pitch singing, movie star good looks, sensitive, charmer )

My kids represent the best I have accomplished in my life. I have been truly blessed by having these angels in my life.

When they were little I had songs that carry special meaning for me as a mother. Each song fills my mind with warm memories and my heart with unconditional love. Here are my songs for each child:

For Hayden - I would sing this to him as he fought sleep, lying next to me, with his little feet touching my leg. They always had be touching my leg.

For Reghan - Although this song was not around when she was little, THIS song is the perfect reflection of our days together when it was just the two of us and our special bond as mother and daughter. Soon after it was released, she emailed it to me and when I listened to it, it was like WE had written it. I cried...

For Mason - He would ONLY take a nap if I picked him up and slow danced with him to THIS song. So, I did - everyday.

My kids are my gift on this day and every day.  xoxoxo