The other day, we were all craving some kind of afternoon snack and Lisa decided to pop some pizza rolls into the oven, much to the delight of our sons who LOVE them. What is about pizza rolls that makes you want them so much? They just taste so good right out of the oven and therein lies the problem. They taste great, but the problem is the fact that something happens to the pizza filling in the oven that turns it into MOLTEN LAVA!!! I mean those things get so F#$@ING HOT, you burn a hole in the roof of your mouth, yet you keep eating it even though your tongue is actually on fire.

They really do taste like a mini pizza, but after scarfing down a handful of those mouth-scalding delights, you have to walk away from them because you are certain there are pieces of loose skin in your mouth that used to be attached to the roof of your mouth....I know you've been there.....JEEEZ!

The other problem comes after they cool down. Once cooled, they taste terrible. You find yourself wondering why in the world you would ever eat one.... until the next time the oven buzzer goes off and you look inside, only to see a cookie sheet loaded with pizza rolls with bubbling filling oozing out of the sides like lava streaming down an erupting Hawaiian volcano and you just gotta have one...ergo, the perfect love-hate relationship because we just hate to love pizza rolls, don't we?