Guilty Dog Gets Caught Red Handed! [VIDEO]
Dogs are funny creatures, aren't they?  One minute you're thinking "what would I do without you?" and the very next they are getting into the trash.  Yesterday I came home to a huge mess in my kitchen! But I figured out who the culprit was immediately.
Watch Awesome Dog Perform Amazing Tricks
We all love our dogs and everybody has at least one amazing story about their dog. Dog videos are great and there have been some pretty incredible ones on YouTube. The below video features a dog doing some pretty amazing tricks that are in no way typical.
Guy Invents a Device That Will Open the Door with a Dog’s Bark
This video is awesome! How many times has the dog wanted to go out and the last thing you want to do is get up to let him out? Well, those days are gone forever if this invention hits the open market. What if you're not there or somewhat indisposed and just can't get to the door, but the d…

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