A video recently posted on Instagram shows a pit bull running up to a bison in Yellowstone National Park. It didn't end well for the dog. Don't worry, it survived.

Every year, we hear stories about visitors getting too close to wildlife in Yellowstone. Park officials constantly have to remind people to keep their distance.

It's not clear whether the pit bull escaped from the vehicle or if it was let out by its owners. After watching the video, I feel really bad for the dog. It looks like it got really roughed up by the bison.

As a pet owner, I would never let my dogs run after wild animals. Not only is it irresponsible, but odds are it won't end well for your pet. The video was posted on Instagram by Bison Union, a social media page for a company in Sheridan, Wyoming. It's not clear when the video was taken.

The video does contain language that is NSFW. If you're watching it around others, you may want to use headphones.

The video serves as a great reminder to keep yourself and your pets a safe distance away from wildlife when visiting Yellowstone National Park. Thankfully, the dog wasn't severely injured. It could have turned out a lot worse.

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