OLIVIA is one of several dogs rescued by It Takes a Village Canine Rescue. She and six of her friends were saved from an abusive home and brought to the shelter on Stockwell Road.

Poor OLIVIA was in the worst shape. She suffered from heart failure...she was emaciated...she had to have fluid drained from her abdomen twice...and she's still dealing with heartworms. OLIVIA continues to recover with an amazing foster family. She will have some blood work done soon to see if she is healthy enough to start heartworm treatment. This sweet girl still has come a long way, but she still has a tough fight ahead of her. She definitely still needs your prayers and positive thoughts, and your donations to help pay for her medical bills. DONATE TO IT TAKES A VILLAGE HERE!

Check out OLIVA's before and after pics. What a difference some love and affection can make!

Olivia - before
Olivia - after