Who says tacos are for Tuesdays? They're good every day of the week, especially at this Indiana restaurant.

Who doesn't love a good taco? They are comfort food that has become so popular, they even have a specific day of the week to eat them. Whether it's a soft or hard shell, there are so many ways you can prepare them. You can stuff them with chicken, steak, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, rice, beans, pico, guacamole...you get the idea. However you like your tacos, there is one taco joint in Indiana that serves tacos like no other!

plate of tacos

Finance Buzz and MSN made it their mission to find the most iconic taco joint in each state. Now, I know that we have a lot of restaurants here in Indiana that serve up delicious tacos, so a list like this is purely subjective. That being said, even if you think another restaurant is more deserving of this title, visiting the taco joint mentioned on the list from Finance Buzz and MSN might still be worth the trip because you can't go wrong when it comes to tacos!

The Most Iconic Taco Joint in Indiana

So, which taco joint in Indiana did Finance Buzz and MSN name as the most iconic? That honor goes to The Tamale Place in Indianapolis.

Here's what Finance Buzz and MSN said about The Tamale Place:

<p>Specializing in tamales, The Tamale Place also makes some of the best freshly made white corn tortillas in the Midwest, which means they also make some of the best tacos.</p><p>You won’t get anything less than the best authentic Mexican food here.</p>

I'm not going to lie, while the tacos here look and sound delicious, the tamales that I saw on their menu are mouthwatering! Now I'm hungry. Tacos and tamales, anyone?

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