With Spring right around the corner, you might want to get a head start Spring cleaning in your bathroom.

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According to the website Business Insider, there are quite a few things in your bathroom that you might want to toss out. I have six of those things listed that you want to look into when you get home. A lot of them have me creeped out and ready to throw out now!



  • Alexey Bykov
    Alexey Bykov

    A toothbrush that is more than four months old

    The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you throwing your toothbrush away after three months. No one wants a contaminated, useless toothbrush!

  • Walgreens

    Old hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol

    They don't go bad, but they do lose their potency.  Be sure to check the expiration date on the bottle.

  • Travis Sams
    Travis Sams

    Old contact cases

    Think about it,  all of that bacteria from your hands gets in there. That adds up over time, and you don't want to risk eye infections.  So you're supposed to use a new case every three months.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Expired Contact Lense Solution

    This is a scary one.You never want to use expired contact solution, even if the bottle is still full. Expired solution can end up contaminated. Using it could lead to infections, vision loss, and (in extreme cases) blindness...I am checking mine as soon as I get home!

  • Thomas Northcut
    Thomas Northcut

    Cosmetics that have changed color, odor, or consistency

    The oil that's in them can go bad, and they can start to grow bacteria...no one wants to rub bacteria all over their face!

  • Brian Chase
    Brian Chase

    Expired medications

    Good news: A Harvard study found 90% of your medications are still safe and for the most part effective even 15 years after they expire.Bad news:there are a few that you should NEVER use past their expiration date. These include insulin, liquid antibiotics, and certain heart medications or anything else with nitroglycerine in it.

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