November is known for Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the holiday hustle and bustle. But did you know that besides Black Friday having deals, there's a few items you should always wait until November to buy?  Like cars for instance...

Peter McKinnon

November is the time of year once Halloween is done, it's the countdown to the holidays and the end of the year.  In November we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday which are both well known sales days for retailers, but there's actually a few items that are always cheaper in November than any other month that you should hold off to buy until November.

According to November is the time to buy these 6 items:

  1. Halloween Costumes & Decor- This one is a no brainer, Halloween is over and stores want to make room for holiday items, so stock up for next years Halloween, this year!
  2. Cars- if you're in the market for a car, and like last years model, nows the time to buy! The 2018 models came out this Summer, which means now car lots are scrambling to clear the lots of the rest of the 2017 models which gives you the upper hand when shopping!
  3. Baking Supplies- This one you wouldn't think, but grocery stores know Thanksgiving is coming up and people will be buying supplies like flour, sugar and chocolate chips like crazy, so they mark down the prices. Bonus tip, those things all have long shelf lives, so stock up while they're cheap!
  4. Kitchen Appliances- Just like the baking supplies, they know people will be buying them for the upcoming holidays, so some stores mark down the prices significantly (some up to 25%)! If you've been eyeing a KitchenAid mixer, keep your eye on Bed Bath and Beyond and department stores like Macy's because chances are they'll be running sales!
  5. Sweaters- Many retailers have an overstock on this Winter's merchandise so they want to clear it as fast as possible. Be on the look out for deals!
  6. TVs- Nows the time of year to purchase that big screen you've been buying! Sure on Black Friday things like TVs are always included in great deals, but November in general is a great time to purchase electronics like TVs because retailers want to get rid of this years models to make room for next years models, which means savings for you!

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