The film, Bullitt County, written, directed, and produced by Evansville natives David McCracken and Josh Reidford's production company, Mr. Pictures will get a limited run in cities like New York and Los Angeles through AMC Theaters, "AMC Independent" the week of October 26th. While the Evansville AMC theater is not on the list to show the film, those of us itching to see it will get the chance thanks to Showplace Cinemas East!

McCracken and Reidford have worked a deal with the local theater company to have a special one week run of the film during the same week it's being shown through AMC Independent. Showtimes have not been released as of this writing.

The action-thriller takes place in 1977 and centers around four friends who meet up in Bullitt County, Kentucky (the heart of bourbon country) for a bachelor party. After learning of an urban legend centered around buried Prohibition-era money, the four find themselves caught up in a web of deception, greed, and murder.

From the looks of the trailer, there's a bit of a Stephen King meets the Coen Brothers vibe to it. By that I mean there's a relatability to the characters. We all have that group of close friends we like to pal around with, but we each have a darkness down deep inside us, whether we see (or know) it or not. While the way the film is shot is reminiscent of No Country for Old Men, or even Fargo, both written and directed by the Coen Brothers. It's a little off-center and dark, yet intriguing enough to draw you in.

I for one can't wait to see it, and as soon as showtimes get released I'm going to make sure I get my ticket!

- Ryan O'Bryan

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