Memorial High School graduates, David McCracken and Josh Reidford are well on their way to becoming serious film makers with the news their second independent film, Bullitt County, has been picked up for a limited nationwide release by AMC Independent, a division of AMC Theaters.

Unfortunately, the AMC Theater in Evansville is not one of the theaters involved in the run, which is less-than-great news for us, but it is being shown at AMC Theaters in New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles beginning October 26th, which is GREAT news for David and Josh! The ability to have the film available to those huge populations of people will hopefully lead to a big studio picking it up and releasing it to even more theaters.

The movie will also be released on DVD and Video on Demand beginning in February.

The fictional film, written and directed by McCracken who also plays a character named "Keaton," is set in Bullitt County, Kentucky, the heart of bourbon country, in the 1970's, focuses on four friends who travel to the area for a bachelor party weekend before getting wrapped up in a treasure hunt of sorts after learning of an old legend claiming the existence of buried Prohibition money in the area. The "action-thriller," as Josh calls, it spirals out of control as the friends turn on each other in their search for the potential riches.

By the look of the trailer below, it looks intense, gritty, and awesome! Congratulations to David, Josh, and the entire team of their production company, Mr. Pictures, on their latest accomplishment.

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