What's going on?

Ceiling Fan Recall
Over 200 customers have reported blades breaking and flying off while using the product.
Patchwork Central Offering Soup, Salad and Style Fundraiser
Patchwork Central serves thousands pf people in our community. Kids and adults from Evansville can take advantage of art enrichment, health and food service programs. These services are free, so fundraisers like their Soup, Salad and Style help make these amazing programs possible.
Sprite Introduces New Ginger Flavor
The things that were always missing about ginger ale was, my other faves, lemons and limes. Since I wasn't smart enough to think of mixing my ginger ale and Sprite together, Sprite has done it for me.
New Magic Fruity Pebbles Turns Your Milk Blue
Ok, call me a food snob if you will, but I can't eat food that isn't the color it is SUPPOSED to be. Let me explain. Green ketchup? No. Clear Pepsi? No. Are you feeling my vibe? Let's agree that is is just weird. It messes with your taste buds. My head gets numb.So get this, Post Cere…
15 Tristate Life Hacks You Can't Live Without
What began as a discussion motivated by my use of hemorrhoid cream under my eyes, turned into tons of great ideas using products you probably already have at home. Products that are meant to be used for one thing, but can be used for other things too.