Today is the third and final day for the U.S. Supreme Court's review of health care reform as outlined in President Obama's proposed health care legislation that some call 'Obamacare'. The steps of the Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. has been lined with protestors on both sides of the proposed legislation with particular attention being paid to the proposed mandate that all Americans must have health insurance. The number of people without health insurance is staggering and it seems to be a growing problem as result of the current economy. There are many components to the health care reform bill, far too many to deal with here.

The real question is, can the Federal Government require you to buy something like health insurance? Some are outraged by the notion, but others believe that the only way to fix the health care issue is to ensure that everyone has coverage.

The bigger issue seems to center around the ability of the Federal Government to mandate the purchase of goods and services and to what extent mandates can be put into place. We'll see, stay tuned.

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