If you listen to Leslie and I weekday mornings, you know my feelings on Kim Kardashian and the whole concept of reality TV. Where do these people come from and how and why do they become huge celebrities making incredible amounts of money??? I don't and would never give the Kardashians the time  of day and I certainly would not post anything here about Kim unless.... Last night in Hollywood at an event promoting Kardashian's new fragrance, some woman ran up to Kim on the red carpet, while she was posing for pictures and threw a bag of white powder on the reality star, covering her in what turned out to be baking flour....hilarious!!!

I know this could have been more serious, but it does speak to how people feel about celebs like Kim Kardashian. Even though Kardashian was concerned for her safety, she did return to the event and picked up right where she left off after getting cleaned up.

The woman who threw the 'flour bomb' was detained by hotel security, but Kardashian did not want to press any charges and the woman was released at the scene. Kardashian's best friend, Jonathan Cheban was himself flour bombed in December and was quoted as saying, "I am disturbed and embarrassed that people still act like this."......Really dude, have you watched your friend's show....OMG! See the Kardashian flour bomb below.