Gun enthusiasts get ready. The largest Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show in the entire United States, and the final one of 2021, is fast approaching. Twice a year vendors and enthusiasts converge at Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

If you attend, you can expect to find nearly 1,000 tables where you can buy, sell and trade munitions - handguns, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, and more. You're also going to see rare and exotic weapons and of course, there are the shooting competitions and the "famous night shoots."

A wide variety of rare and exotic weaponry will be on display such as Water Cooled Brownings, Mini-guns, AK-47’s, MG-42’s, Tommy Guns, M-16’s, Vickers belt fed, Uzi’s and MP5’s.

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The Machine Gun Shoot is a big draw and honestly, something I'd like to do - I've fired some long-range, military rifles before and of course, handguns like the Sig Sauer P226 (my favorite handgun) and the 40-cal Desert Eagle, but I have never fired a machine gun. If you're like me and firing a machine gun is on your list of "things I'd like to do at least once in my life," this could be your opportunity.

The Machine Gun Shoot will take place from 9 am - 9 pm and with a large variety of targets like abandoned cars, household appliances, and even pyrotechnic-charged barrels of fuel, it is sure to be an exciting event.

The charges are set off by the impact of the bullets, creating large mushroom clouds and giant fireballs!

​The objective is to destroy everything downrange. The shooting of tracers will be allowed weather permitting.

The price to shoot a machine gun is $15 per person. The night shoot begins at 5 pm.  There will also be competitive shooting as well as camping for the weekend available also. The event takes place October 8-9, 2021 at Knob Creek Range located at 690 Ritchey Lane, West Point, Kentucky.

If you are interested in attending the event, daily tickets are available for $15 for general admission. There are some things you need to know before you attend. For example, the website advised that you bring cash. Also, no loaded firearms of any kind are allowed at the show or on Knob Creek property during the show. Firearms must be "declared and zip-tied with magazines out at the admission gate." Drugs and alcohol are not allowed and anyone under the influence may be asked to leave. Pets are not allowed and you do have to be age 18 or older to shoot or rent any of the machine guns. To learn more and find tickets, visit

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