Happiness is sometimes hard work. But, msn.com has put together some scientifically proven ways  to help make you and your partner super happy!! They say..... 

Pretend You Just Met:

Hold a Grudge (as long as he doesn't): 

If your partner is able to bounce back from disagreements, you'll experience greater fulfillment even if you tend to stay ticked. 

A yang to your yin equals happiness.

Tweet Responsibly:



Burn Bras (together):

Nurture Your Friends' Relationships:

Whether you've been together for just a little while or 25 years, spend time each day acting like you just started dating.

Twist the Sheets At Least Once a Week: YES!!!! The average person has sex about two or three times a month.  Increase it to once a week for more satisfaction!! According to researchers from Dartmouth College, i

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