If you're looking for a creepy doll to add to your Halloween decor (and nightmares), you may want to consider this local one. It's kind of like an Elf on a Shelf, but this is a Doll in the Hall...that may or may not be haunted.

Kathy Linda posted on Evansville Sale Buy Trade that she has a "Scary, Haunted Doll" for sale named Abigail. In the post, she says:

Looks like she is possessed. Perfect for someone who wants a haunting! I bought her at an auction but have now taken we out to the garage. Our lights were flickering and that night we kept hearing strange noise... I doubt it was the doll but my mind kept thinking it was. Need to rehome Abigail.



I have seen the Annabelle movies, I know how this story goes. It never ends too well for the owners of the doll. However, if you want to take your chances and take in Abigail, she is only $25.

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