Last year, Jimmy Dean gave us the wrapping paper that everyone has been asking know, the one that smells like sausage.This year, they are giving away a few more sausage related items

Cooking Sausage
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If you missed your chance to get a hold of some sausage-scented wrapping paper, it's back for the holiday season, along with some new friends.

It might be a fun prank to play on your friends and family to make them wonder what smells like sausage. Unless you're a huge fan of sausage, or a prankster, is there really a purpose to having sausage-scented wrapping paper?

You have to go to and submit a picture of you cooking one of their sausage recipes. That sounds like a lot of work, but when I looked on the website, one recipe is literally "sausage and eggs."

Once you sumbit your photo, you get to choose a prize. This year, you can choose from the sausage-scented wrapping paper,  sausage-flavored candy canes, sausage lip balm, and also, non-sausage-infused things like cowboy boot slippers, socks, and an ornament.


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