After a 20-plus year in law enforcement, including a stint running Internal Affairs, Rick Reed retired from the Evansville Police Department and turned his attention to writing, creating the Detective Jack Murphy series. Each book in the fiction thriller series centers around Murphy working to solve a different crime that usually involves locations in and around Evansville. For example, in one of the books a (fictional) murder takes place behind Turley Jewelers in downtown Evansville, while another involves the former Kid's Kingdom playground.

Reed recently released the seventh book in the series, The Cleanest Kill, a story about a cold case murder where the prime suspect is the incoming Chief of Police for the Evansville Police Department. Here's the official plot summery from Amazon.

Detective Jack Murphy never met a cold case he couldn’t crack. This one’s been on ice for 37 years. The prime suspect in a decades-old unsolved murder is about to be named Evansville’s next Chief of Police. The Mayor wants the top cop’s name cleared—and that’s why Murphy and his partner, Liddell Blanchard, are ordered to re-open the investigation. But when the victim’s sister and mother are targeted for violence, troubling new questions arise. Is this the work of the same killer, or is someone else playing a deadly game? The answers lie buried in the past. But no one digs through the dirt like Jack Murphy . . .

The book is available now on Amazon, but you can also pick up a copy and support 911 Gives Hope when Reed hosts a book signing at Central Library in downtown Evansville on Saturday, June 29th from 9:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Profits from all copies sold during the signing will be donated to the local non-profit.

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