Warrick County residents will need to start thinking about alternate routes to and from work beginning this weekend.

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The Tri-State is no stranger to road construction, especially here lately. whether it's construction that delays traffic or construction that causes detours, it has become somewhat troublesome for some of our commutes. It's all for the greater good of the roadways, but it does cause some problems short term for some folks.

Folks in Warrick County can expect some issues on their way to and from work if they travel along State Route 61 as crews will be closing the road down this weekend.


This is what Warrick County Sheriff, Brett Kruse had to say about this matter:

The by-pass project will include a three roundabouts. One currently at Eskew Road and Millersburgh Road, New Harmony Road and Eskew, and State Route 61 and New Harmony. Some people are in favor of this, while others aren't a fan of them. According to INDOT,  roundabouts reduce potential accident points within an intersection and  improves traffic flow.

This is ultimately to help slow down trucking and major traffic through Boonville, and to create quicker routes for truckers and people passing through; hence why it is called "The Boonville By-Pass Project." It will be a project that, when completed, will make commutes easier and (hopefully) faster for all traveling through Boonville. What do you think about this endeavor?




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