How much do you tip? Are you a good tipper or a poor tipper, do you even tip at all? Tipping is something we all think about when we go out to eat. In case you did not know, the standard tip rate is 15-percent and most people on average tip between 15 and 20-percent. According to an article in the Contra Costa Times, San Francisco restaurant workers are asking for a mandatory 25-percent tip rate that they will add to your bill for you. How would you feel about this? I personally tip very well, always between 20 and 25-percent minimum and maybe higher for really good service. Restaurants pay their wait staff very poorly and in most cases, these people live and die by their tips. Stiffing a server should never happen, but a mandatory 25-percent rate? I am all for servers being rewarded for a good job, but the tip has to be something between the server and customer.

 Some people in the industry say it's about time for something like this and others say it would hurt restaurants. The whole purpose of a tip is your acknowledgment of a job well done on the part of your server. I think if you want a bigger tip, you need to step up your game and EARN a better tip. That would be the same as you going to your boss and demanding a raise just because YOU think you deserve one. Your employer might be very willing to give you a raise as long as you can make a case for yourself and justify your request.

 A spokesman for the Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant Association in San Francisco says, "most restaurant owners would not support mandatory tips and certainly not 25-percent". Some consumers say they would support a tip rate hike in light of the current state of our economy. I think this goes way beyond just restaurant workers, if you want more money for the work you do, you have to EARN just can't

Restaurant servers

EXPECT it because you are there and doing the minimum. For the most part, service in restaurants is very good and you should ALWAYS tip your server. What do you think?