Should Restaurant Servers Make The $7.25 Minimum Wage Excluding Tips [Poll]
My wife and I go out to dinner frequently and have a couple of favorite places and have gotten to know some of the wait staff in some of our hangouts pretty well. We consider ourselves to be good tippers, always tipping at least 20% and in most cases, a little higher if the service was good, but never less than 20%. It astonishes me how little servers make, in terms of hourly wage excluding tips.
Restaurant Workers In San Francisco Want A Mandatory 25-Percent Tip Rate
How much do you tip? Are you a good tipper or a poor tipper, do you even tip at all? Tipping is something we all think about when we go out to eat. In case you did not know, the standard tip rate is 15-percent and most people on average tip between 15 and 20-percent. According to an article in the Contra Costa Times, San Francisco restaurant workers are asking for a mandatory 25-percent tip rate t