As of today (Monday, April 19th, 2021), COVID-19 vaccines are available to anyone 16 years of age and older. In an effort to make those vaccines as accessible as possible to anyone who would like to have one, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke's Reopen Evansville Task Force, in collaboration with the Vanderburgh County Health Department, and the Metropolitan Evansville Transit Service (METS) have announced a mobile vaccine clinic beginning May 5th.

Using one of the METS buses as the clinic and staffed by representatives of the Vanderburgh County Health Department, the mobile clinic will be on the road every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday through the end of June. The complete schedule is as follows:

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The press release from Mayor Winnecke's office announcing the mobile clinic does not specify which vaccine will be used. However, the downloadable calendar on the Reopen Evansville Task Force's website does specify first doses will be given during the month of May, with second doses beginning in June meaning they will either be administering the vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech, or Moderna since both require two doses spaced anywhere between 21 and 28 days apart.

Pre-registration for the mobile clinic is not required. Simply show up to any of the locations listed above during the times given and wait your turn. The announcement does not mention what you need to bring with you however, it wouldn't hurt to make sure you have some form of ID along with an insurance card if you have one.

As of this writing, 70,020 Vanderburgh County residents have received their first dose of one of those two vaccines, while 53,061 have received their second. 1,724 have received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine, and 54,785 are fully vaccinated according to the Indiana Department of Health's COVID vaccine dashboard.

For more information on the mobile vaccine clinic, visit the Reopen Evansville Task Force website.

[Source: Reopen Evansville]

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