It is Saturday morning and we are in the middle of the WKDQ Country Classic Show. It's always tough to do  this show after we have lost one of the greats that made country music what it is today. As you are well aware, George Jones died yesterday at the age of 81. His farewell tour was just here in Evansville on March 23rd. Who knew it would be farewell for good when he left town. One of our most requested George Jones songs is 'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes', which hit the charts on August 3, 1985 and was a very poignant and powerful song about our lost country music heroes.

George Jones' passing gives another pair of shoes to fill, a big pair, maybe the biggest pair. Nobody ever will and that's the way it should be, some shoes just can't be filled. See the 1985 video for the song below.