For the second time this year, someone has decided we're a big enough deal (fun fact: we're not) to create a fake Facebook account and try to steal money from you by claiming that you've money we're not giving away.

In a strange way, I'm kind of flattered that some stranger seems to be under the impression that our images and likenesses have enough pull around the area to try and make you fall for their scam. With that said, it does bother me that someone is out there pretending to be us and trying to steal your money, which is why I'm going to show you what this page looks like so you don't fall for it by accident.

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The Fake Q Crew Morning Show Account

First of all, Melissa and I do not have a Facebook page or account for the show. Everything we do on Facebook is either done through our personal accounts or through the official 99.5 WKDQ page. Even if we did, we would most likely call it, "The Q Crew Morning Show with Ryan & Melissa" since, you know, that's the name of the show. It is not the "Ryan-Melissa Show" which is the name used by this fake account.

There are a few other things to note about this account. For starters, even though it is operated as an account like yours and mine, there is no option to become friends with it. You would like you'd want to be friends with as many people as possible to increase the number of people you can try to scam. But what do I know? I'm just a regular guy who's not a crook.

Facebook / Canva

Another red flag is the link to the alleged "official" show website. IF we had an official website (we don't), it would be housed here on, not, a site Scam Watcher lists as a fraudulent site.

Facebook / Canva
Facebook / Canva

The $1,000 Giveaway Claim

Just like the last time this happened, the account is replying to comments listeners of the station and the show have made on the station's official Facebook page and claiming they've been selected to win $1,000 from "our sponsor," although they don't mention who this sponsor is by name. The potential targets are then asked to click a link that will take them to a site outside of Facebook where they provide personal information in order to claim the prize.

Please don't click the link. And, even if curiosity gets the better of you, definitely DO NOT give whoever this person is any personal information. You will not get $1,000. If anything, you likely lose money and it may be more than $1,000.

This falls into the category of, "if it's too good to be true, it probably is." Trust me. Even though my face is one of the two on the page, neither I, Melissa, the station, nor our parent company, Townsquare Media, have anything to do with it.

I did report the account as fake to Facebook but received a message back a few minutes later saying they had reviewed the account and found that it did not go against their community standards. I reported it again as a fake name but have not received a reply as of this writing.

The best thing I can suggest to you if this account replies to a comment you made on one of our Facebook posts is to block it. Maybe if enough people do that, Facebook will realize it's not what it claims to be and shut it down.

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