Q Crew Morning Show

Dave's Journey to a clean face
I kept my "No-Shave" November beard a little long then expected this year and finally my wife said enough! But you can't just go from full beard to clean shaven so it is a process of different looks! Join me on my journey to a clean shaven face...
Not Everyone loves the Q Crew
It looks like not everyone is a big fan of the Q Crew Radio Show with Dave and Leslie. Here is a picture of Dave's cat Stamp that his wife took early Wednesday morning. Apparently Stamp jumped up on the shelf and turned the radio off (Look at her Front paw...
Allie Louise Live
Up and coming country artist Allie Louise join the Q Crew radio show with Dave and Leslie. Check out her website site www.allielouiseofficial.com
Allie Louise - Stilettos
Allie Louise - Hometown Christmas
Santa Baby's Dad Talks
Little 6-month-old Zeke from Evansville has become an internet star just for falling asleep on Santa's chest! The Q Crew with Dave and Leslie had a chance to speak with Zeke's dad, Donnie, this morning.
Check out some great pics here at Donnie's Daddy Daycare
Hear the interview below...
Show After Show Video
When the big boss tells you to do something...you do it! But I don't know how! LaDonne our RVP made a statement that I needed to decorate my office to make it seem more like home. I don't know how to decorate. I have been married for 13 years and my wife takes care of all that...
Show After Show Video
When you come on the Q Crew Radio Show with Dave and Leslie to promote your event, we put you to work! Big thanks to Kelly from Halloween on Franklin for playing along with Redneck Theater this morning!
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