Over $100 million worth of improvements are coming to the Lloyd Expressway in 2024-2025.

The Lloyd Expressway is probably the most dreaded road to drive on in Evansville, for many reasons. However, plans are in the works to make that commute a little easier with the new TheLloyd4U Project.

As you know, the Lloyd Expressway has intersections with some of the busier Evansville streets like  Burkhardt, St. Joseph, Stockwell, and Vann. Residents are fully aware of the struggles of waiting at these stoplights and how much time it takes up on their commutes. The proposed changes hope to fix that problem.

This project will extend from one end of Vanderburgh County to the other, from Posey County Line Road to Cross Pointe Boulevard. Indiana Department of Transportation plans to invest over $100 million for these upgrades to the Lloyd Expressway. Plans are already in the works but construction will begin Spring 2024 for Phase 1 and Spring 2025 for Phase 2.

There aren't exact details as to what some of these intersection upgrades will consist of, however, back in 2018 there were some proposed renderings of what the Lloyd Expressway will look like. Surprisingly enough, these DO NOT include overpasses. However, some of the changes include continuous (displaced) left turns as well as Median U-Turns, otherwise known as a "Michigan Left Turn". Below is what was being proposed by INDOT at the time. It's possible that these could come to fruition with TheLloyd4U Project.


  • Vann Avenue Intersection: a “right in, right out” configuration, allowing only right turn movements into and out of Vann at Lloyd Expressway.
  • Burkhardt Road Intersection: A new displaced left turn. This type of intersection allows for continuous movement of mainline traffic and offers a designated lane for left turn movements.
  • Cross Pointe Boulevard Intersection: a hybrid of a median U-turn style intersection combined with a displaced left movement described above.
  • Joseph Avenue and Rosenberger Avenue Intersections:  extended left turn lanes to assist with congestion, with Rosenberger’s left turn lanes being offset.
  • There will also be three bridge projects and a pavement rehabilitation project taking place at the same time

My concern is that they might be a little too confusing for some folks. I'm sure there's an easier way to achieve the goal they are striving for...but then again, I am just a radio personality, I don't know anything about that stuff.

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We won't have any official word on the specifics of these improvements until Spring of 2021 when they will hold public meetings to introduce TheLloyd4U and design concepts. For now, here is everything we know about the project:

New Lloyd Expressway Improvements Beginning In 2024

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