Whether you call it "pop," "soda," or a combination of the two, this refreshing beverage seems to be the number one choice for Hooisers.

On average, I have a soft drink two or three times a week. However, with the recent heatwaves, I've been drinking my fair share of fizzy goodness. I've never been brand loyal, so I drink a combination of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company products. My personal favorites include Mountain Dew, Cherry Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and Barq's Root Bear. However, in recent days, my go-to has been Coca-Cola Classic.

The soft drink market is always in flux, with new flavors being released and old ones being discontinued every year. As a kid, I remember getting "Vault" at the convenience store, which contained enough caffeine to keep me up well past my bedtime. I was pretty sad when they discontinued it, but several other products have since been released that I've come to really enjoy.

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While everyone has their favorite go-to drink, it's clear that different regions favor some over others. GITNUX has gathered an assortment of statistics and studies available on the topic to determine the most popular beverage by state. When it came to Indiana, the results were no surprise to me. That said, there were some states in the bunch that had some unexpected favorites. Before we see what Hoosiers are drinking, let's take a look at Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

According to GITNUX, Nebraska's favorite beverage is Kool-Aid. No specific flavor of Kool-Aid was mentioned, but being that the inventor of Kool-Aid was from Nebraska, I suppose that makes sense. Rhode Island's top choice is a tad more obscure but much more specific. It seems folks in Rhode Island are very fond of Autocrat Coffee Syrup, which is used to make coffee milk, the official drink of the state. Lastly, Vermont's favorite beverage was listed as maple syrup (???). Hopefully, it's accompanied by waffles or pancakes.

PepsiCo via Walmart
PepsiCo via Walmart

Now, onto Indiana. It seems the top beverage choice of Hoosiers is none other than Pepsi. I can totally see this, as I have several family and friends who are Pepsi loyalists. However, it is worth noting that a previous study by Eat This, Not That! found that folks in Indiana actually preferred Sierra Mist, which was made by PepsiCo. According to History Oasis, Sierra Mist was discontinued in 2023 due to being out-sold by lemon-lime rivals such as Sprite and 7Up. With Sierra Mist out of the way, it looks like PepsiCo's flagship soft drink was able to rise to the top.

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