Today is National Pet Day, and what better way to celebrate than a hilarious video of a total dog fail.

You know I love my dogs, they're my fur babies!  However our sweet little George (I say "little" but the dude is 60lbs!) he's quite the dumb dumb.  I mean that in the most loving way. There's no sweeter boy around, but he's so funny because he's kind of dumb. It's part of his charm.

Unfortunately he had an accident and had to get staples in his leg, thankfully he's on the road to a quick recovery! But with having the staples, the poor guy has to be stuck in the cone of shame.

He ate his way out of his first cone, so my mom gave us a cone she had lying around, but you see her dog,  Bailey was a much bigger dog than George, so the cone was  a bit too big, which made getting into his kennel a bit difficult!

What happened next was this hilarious video



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