I have spoken many times about the HBO movie 'Taking Chance', which chronicles the military procedure for escorting a fallen soldier home. The movie starred Kevin Bacon and is the most emotional movie I have ever seen. I literally cried all the way through it and you will to when you see it. Recently, a plane landed in Los Angeles with a fallen soldier on board. A travel expert who goes by the name Johnny Jet captured the moment on video when the pilot announced about 40 minutes before landing that they were carrying a fallen soldier home. The passengers went silent and all had tears in their eyes.

When they landed, ALL of the passengers went to the terminal window and watched the flag-draped casket of the fallen warrior come off the plane along with the soldier's family. All of the passengers on board Delta flight 2255 stayed and paid their silent respects until the casket was gone. All were crying and so thankful for the freedom our military provides us and have always provided.

All realized in that moment what it means to be an American. The short video below shows the arrival. The second video is the interview the reporter did after. The third video is a trailer from 'Taking Chance'.