As I have stated many times before, both online and on the air, Tik Tok is my happy place. The videos on the app make me laugh, amazing me, teach me, and oftentimes, help me. When it comes to food recipes and hacks, it's the place to be. Tik Tok is where I found the absolutely, mind-blowing fresh pineapple hack.

Buying a whole pineapple, at the grocery store, is something I would never do. Don't get me wrong, I love pineapple. But, I just but the canned pineapple because it seems easier. There is no mess, and you don't need a super sharp machete-type knife to get inside. To me, getting into a fresh pineapple is almost as bad as getting into a coconut. But, I don't like coconuts, so I don't really care if I can't get into them.

It's so funny, I remember as a little girl, when my mom would be too busy to go to the grocery store, she would send me dad. She would remind him that he needed to stick to the list. He was to get only the things she had planned for and written down. As he walked out the door, she would hand him the list with coupons attached and marked accordingly. He was ready to go, fully equipped, checkbook in hand, with everything he needed.

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Now, I'm not sure if my dad was just being silly or being very cunning, but he would always come home with a whole, fresh pineapple that wasn't on Mom's list. She would roll her eyes and point out that nowhere on the list did it say he was to buy a pineapple. He would look at my brother and me and wink while he explained to mom that it looked good and he had to get it. Mom would shake her head and put it on the counter until it found it's way to the trash can. She had no intention of trying to cut it open. After about half a dozen trips to the grocery store and returning with a pineapple, Dad was relieved of grocery duties. I think that's pretty smart.

We always wished she would cut it open, but she said it was too much trouble. That's funny because this guy makes it look super easy and now I want to go to the store and buy one and you will too.

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