One of the best things to come out of 2020 was just released and I can't wait for it to get in my belly!

Pillsbury has just made making cornbread a little easier for you. If you're like me, you grew up in a house where your mom made cornbread from scratch. There was nothing better than her sweet cornbread. However, you know how life can get. You get busy and don't feel like putting all of the work in to making cornbread from scratch after a busy day at work. Well, Pillsbury just did all of the work for you. They just released Cornbread Swirls.

The ready-to-bake cornbread comes in the same circular package that you see other products like biscuits and cinnamon rolls come in. After popping open the package, you seperate the Cornbread Swirls and place them onto a greased muffin pan.  Heat your oven to 375 degrees and put them in there for 13-17 minutes and just like that, you will have six delicious cornbread swirls ready to eat.

...well ALMOST ready. You can't forget to load them up with butter, right?

Pillsbury says:

New! Pillsbury Cornbread Swirls are the easiest way to home bake cornbread, with minimal mess and prep time! These delicious Cornbread Swirls are the perfect addition to your family meal - as a side or as part of a tasty recipe.

Do they taste like momma's cornbread? Maybe, I have yet to get my hands on some. One thing is for sure though, Pillsbury has never let me down with yummy biscuits and cinnamon rolls in the past, so I highly doubt these Cornbread Swirls will be a letdown either.

Pillsbury even provided you with a few recipes you can try out that include the new Cornbread Swirls. You can view these recipes by clicking here.

Pillsbury products are available at several retailers, so I don't think you will have too much of a problem finding them on the selves. They will be in the refrigerator isle with the other Pillsbury products.

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