There's currently a petition to rename a state park after Loretta Lynn in her home state of Kentucky.

Loretta Lynn’s family confirmed the morning of October 4th that the country music icon and trailblazer passed away peacefully in her sleep at her ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee at the age of 90. Lynn may have resided in Tennessee, but her home was always Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. She proudly talked about her upbringing in Kentucky in her hit song, "Coal Miner's Daughter".

Because of her roots in Kentucky, there is now a petition, created by a fan, in an effort to have Paintsville Lake State Park, a few miles from Butcher Hollow, named after Loretta Lynn.

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The petition is a request to change the name of Paintsville Lake State Park to Loretta Lynn State Park. The fan who launched the petition was hoping for 15,000 signatures.  As of this writing, there are nearly 14,000 signatures on this petition. Even Loretta Lynn's family is on board with this petition, saying:

Our family hopes you’ll sign this petition to request the State of Kentucky rename this state park after Loretta. She would LOVE this so much. Kentucky, and especially her home area were always in her heart. Thank you to the fans who started this; we continue to be amazed by the outpouring of love!

Lynn's daughter, Peggy Lynn Marchetti, took to social media to also ask fans to sign the petition as well. She says that the petition requires 25,000 signatures to be considered by Governor Andy Beshear and to change the name to “Loretta Lynn State Park.” You can see what Peggy had to say in the video below.

So, if you want to help honor the Coal Miner's Daughter by having this Kentucky State Park named after the late Loretta Lynn, you can do so by signing the petition. It is super quick and easy to do. The petition can be found by clicking here.

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