Pet Food Center and PAAWS will be holding a low cost vaccine and microchip clinic on July 14th! 

Having a pet is expensive. Vet visits aren't cheap, and you have to remember to give them their annual vaccines, along with monthly flea and tick, and heartworm meds. The costs can really add up.  That's why Pet Food Center and PAAWS are hosting a low cost vaccine and microchip clinic to help alleviate some of the costs.

July 14th from 2-5 PM at Pet Food Center in Newburgh is where the clinic will be held.

Here's a run down of the costs for dogs & cats:

  • Rabies vaccine-$15
  • Distemper vaccine-$15
  • Microchipping-$15
  • Bordetella-$15
  • Nail Trim-$10

Cash only*

The low cost clinics are also a great time to get your pet microchipped. If your pet isn't microchipped I'd encourage you to look into it. It's basically your info on them at all times. Collars can fall off, name tags get damaged, etc... and with microchipping your info will always be with your pet.

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