This is great news for fans of the ever popular 'pull my finger' game. Next time somebody gets mad at you for flatulating in their presence, tell them your are just simply lowering your blood pressure. According to a new study, the same gas that produces flatulence has been shown to control blood pressure in rodents. The gas in question is hydrogen sulphide, which is generated by bacteria living in your gut that produces an enzyme that relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say that rodents with higher levels of hydrogen sulphide had lower blood pressure than other rodents with lower levels of the toxic gas.

Researchers at China's Southeast University in Nanjing are trying to find out if this could be used to create a treatment for humans suffering from high blood pressure, but Professor Yao Yuyu says that using gas to treat high blood pressure in humans could be risky. Yuyu says, "The gas could also have negative effects on other parts of the body."

So guys, the next time you are sitting around with your buddies and you all decide to recreate that classic fart scene from the movie 'Blazing Saddles' (as seen below), tell your wife or girlfriend that you are doing it with the best interest of your health in mind...that should work.

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