A new study has revealed that a pretty detailed picture of ordinary people can be created simply by looking at the topics we discuss on Facebook and other social media. It should be no surprise that we develop new interests as we mature or more specifically, age. Men and women talk about the the same things on social media, only at different times in their lives. The study gathered data from more than one million Facebook accounts for their conclusions. The only things men and women discuss at roughly the same, are weather and fashion. Both men and women talk about fashion at around age 16 and both talk about weather around age 60 and also politics.

When it comes to books and literature, women will post about books around age 22, while men don't post about books until age 50.

Men will post about fitness at around 45 and women seem to be most interested in this at age 34.

When it comes to health issues, women post at around 43, while men wait until 54 to discuss their health issues on social media.

Technology is interesting in that men will post about techy stuff around age 34, while much younger women of 22 are posting about technological issues. You would thing that men would do this in their late teens to early 20s, but apparently they don't.

Sports is discussed by both genders with men posting in their early to mid teens, while women don't really get into posting about sports until age 48.

What does all this mean? I'm not really sure, but am I the only one who is a little concerned about this? Who is tracking all of this stuff beyond just people putting together a study? It concerns me that someone could create an entire personal profile about us based solely on what we post about on social media without ever having met us, or knowing anything about us beyond what they see on Facebook.

Some people put their entire lives on FB, while others are much more cautious about what they put up. Bottom-line, we are being judged from a far with absolutely no information about us beyond what we choose to let people see through social media. Keeping that notion in mind, the study also revealed that one in eight heavy social media users lie and make things up to make themselves appear more interesting and relevant., which could really send the wrong message about those people.

Again, be careful about what you post because like it or not, you are being judged to some degree based on those posts and that could cost you at some point down the road.



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