Now, look at my picture on this I look like a psychopath to you? Of course not. Well...maybe a little, but according to new research, guys who post a lot of selfies score higher on tests that measure narcissistic traits associated with  being a psychopath....WTF???

The study was conducted by Ohio State University and it should be noted that NONE of the men were actual psychopaths, and none had even been diagnosed as such, but apparently, there is a link to the number of 'selfies' a guy might post and psychopathic traits.

Wanna know something else? Guys who actually take the time to touch up their 'selfies' and edit them before posting score even higher on those tests, which I think is a load of crap, regardless of what the study says.

Why is it that women who post a lot of selfies are just considered to be comfortable in their own skin, but GUYS who do it might be psychopaths....where is the logic here???

This is the problem with social media today....too many people judging you based on your activity, which I think can be dangerous, not to mention WAY OFF BASE.

Again, none of the guys in the study scored high enough to be considered psychopaths, but their scores did show higher levels of anti-social traits.  So guys, you might want to think twice about posting a selfie.What do you think?


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