Parker McCollum can't quite crack a cold, cold heart in "To Be Loved by You," his new radio single and a new way of looking at a man who played heartbreaker with his debut.

"Pretty Heart" found the Texan mourning a woman that he foolishly let slip away. If you like a narrative, you can call this Part 2 in his quest for true love and subtitle it "Karma." There's nothing to indicate the two mid-tempo rockers are connected ever, even if vocally McCollum delivers each in a similar range. His voice is unique and easy to identify, if not overly dynamic within this small sample size.

Producer Jon Randall does well to keep focus on that voice through most of the song, however, as the 28-year-old brings a certain everyman quality to his songs. It's easy to insert your own tale of trouble love within the spaces of his verses.

With grit and simple poetry, he makes a familiar tale personal and accessible, delivering with the kind of energy you eagerly pay money to see live. Most of all, McCollum sings "To Be Loved by You" with the assurance of a man who knows he'll be around to offer Part 3.

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Did You Know?: McCollum wrote "To Be Loved by You" with '90s hitmaker Rhett Akins, who is also father to Thomas Rhett.

Parker McCollum's "To Be Loved by You" Lyrics:

Hell maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong / Finding out why shouldn't take this long / Easier said than done I guess / I'm a little bit harder to love than the rest / Why does this have to be so hard / Doin’ my best to hold your heart / And I, I’ll never let it go again.

So why are you always angry / Why are you always quiet / Why do you sleep alone / When I know you don’t like it / Maybe you might be different / Would it kill you to tell me the truth / What in the hell does a man have to do / To be loved by you.

Well I've been running as fast as I can / And you’ll never get over what you can’t understand / Pissed off, hanging up the telephone / Forever ain’t far, I’m heading home / Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong / Last time you ever gonna find me gone / And I, I’ll never let you go again.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

To be loved by you / To be loved by you / To be loved by you.

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