Several Kia vehicles have been recalled due to a potential fire risk hazard. Here's what you need to know.

The Korean Automobile maker, Kia has announced a massive recall for nearly 380,000 vehicles. This recall over a potential fire risk hazard is not one that you want to look past. According to the report by Kia, these vehicles are not equipped with Smart Cruise Control (SCC). They believe that the electrical circuit within the Hydraulic Electronic Control Unit (HECU) may experience "a short circuit condition that results in excessive current, thereby increasing the risk of an engine compartment fire." The exact cause of electrical short circuit condition is unknown at this time.

The recall affects certain 2017 through 2021 Sportage SUVs and 2017 through 2019 Cadenza sedans. According to the report, if you own one of these vehicles, you might notice warning lights like the tire pressure, anti-lock break, and check engine lights go off before the problem actually occurs. They say that owners might also smell a burning/melting odor or even see smoke coming from the engine component.

Kia recommends that owners of these vehicles park outside and away from homes, cars, and other structures in the event that a fire were to occur. While we don't know the likelihood of a fire actually starting in your vehicle, this is a better safe than sorry scenario. No reports of fires, crashes or injuries have occurred at this time due to the problem, according to Associated Press.

Dealers will be notified of the recall on April 15th and car owners will be notified by mail on April 30th. The report also says that owners of vehicles affected by this recall will be able to take their vehicle to their local Kia dealer, where the fuses in the electrical junction box will be replaced free of charge.

(H/T- Associated Press)

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