Many wild, crazy, and fun things can happen on a night out at the bar. Likewise, some bad things can also occur. However, ordering a specific type of drink at the bar might help you avoid one of those bad situations.

When you go out to a bar and want to order a drink, the options are endless. Bartenders know how to make all kinds of drinks, some of which you might not have even heard of before. However, one of those drinks that you can order at a bar is more important than any margarita, shot, or bomb. In fact, this drink could help save your life.

Remember This Drink When Going To The Bar

You will run into all kinds of people when you go to the bar. Some of these people might not have the best of intentions. We have all heard horror stories from women, especially those who have gone out to the bar and a guy wouldn't take no for an answer, or someone is making you feel unsafe. That's where this drink comes into play. It's called an "Angel Shot", and ordering it will let bartenders know that something is wrong.

Whiskey shots on bar

The Angel Shot has gone viral on TikTok, as of late. Bartenders have gone on the platform to share the different ways you can order it that will help them understand how bad the situation you are in is. with some bartenders even describing ways to order it that can help the drink makers understand the severity of the situation.

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How To Order An Angel Shot

There are three different ways that you can order an Angel Shot. Take note of these so you know how to order it if you find yourself in an unsafe situation.

1. Angel Shot with Lime- When you order an Angel Shot with lime, that means that there is a serious problem and the police should be called ASAP.

2. Angel Shot Neat- Ordering an Angel Shot neat means that you'd like to have security or an escort walk you to your vehicle for safety.

3. Angel Shot On The Rocks- Lastly, ordering an Angel Shot on the rocks means that you'd like the bartender to call an Uber or a cab for you to get home safely.


Given the fact that bartenders have so many types of drinks that they have to learn to make, there's a chance that they might not even know what an Angel Shot is. If you happen to run into one of those bartenders, urge them to look up how to make it on their phone. Be persistent until they do, and hopefully, they will act quickly.

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